Samstag, 1. Juni 2013


Thomas Beck (FC Bad Ragaz / Switzerland)
Liechtenstein vs. Switzerland (0:3) | friendly 2006 in Liechtenstein
The smallest German-speaking country in the world found its way to my wardrobe finally ! Even if I am concentrating on AFC shirts these days I could not ignore that one when it popped up on German ebay. The FA used to sell it for 100 Swiss Franken and I got it for only 26,55€ on German ebay :)
As I said before in the Lebanon post I hate shirts with the country name printed on the back. Well, for this shirt I could found a use for it at least. I showed the front to my girlfriend and said: "Guess what it is?". She go it right and I just had to turn the shirt to make her smile ;)
Is that why they do it ?


  1. I have the same one, although mine is apparently player issue. I dont know if I belive that, but it does have the number 9 on the front and back and I think the F.A. sold ones only with the name on the back so maybe it is true!

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