Samstag, 1. Juni 2013


Roda Antar (SC Freiburg / Germany)
Lebanon vs. Maldives (2:0) | WC 2006 qualifier | 2004 in Lebanon
Well, not much to say about this shirt. It is a cheap quality and simple Lebanon shirt. It was bought on ebay for exactly 10,08€ and I am not sure if it is legit. I could not find a picture of exactly that shirt, so any help is welcome. At least A-Line used to supply the Lebanese FA for a long time.
One more remark about that one: I absolutely HATE shirt designers or shops that print the countries name on the back of the shirt. I mean what is the logo for then ? That is just stupid and I never got the sense of it. For this shirt it is extraordinary stupid as the Logo is even saying "Lebanon FA".

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