Freitag, 20. Juli 2012

Cook Islands

Cook Islands at the OFC U17 Championships in 2013

I really have to thank Brad for this shirt ! As I have to thank him for all the OFC shirts following to this post.
I got into contact (after forwarded about ten times) with the supplier of all the OFC shirts (Lotto). Unfortunately after 3 mails they decided to never answer again. Their last message: "Yes we have all OFC shirts and sell to Europe".
A couple of month later Brad read this in our shirt collectors forum and asked me for the contact and I have still no idea how Brad did it, but they sold him the shirts ! He somehow wrote them magically nice words so they fell in love with charming Brad or something :P Anyways, Florence from Lotto NZ decided to send out the shirts to Brad (well after she mixed up numbers she sent them to his neighbor instead) and he forwarded them.
Well...THANKS again Brad. Just amazing work !

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