Mittwoch, 23. Mai 2012


Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (Saint Etienne / France)
Gabon vs. Mali (2:2, 4:5 pen) | AFCON 2012  in Gabon

I already had an Gabon shirt, but I just love the new design of the 2012 CAN shirt of the team ! Besides I now have both shirts of the hosts of the tournament. I found this one pretty cheap on ebay for just 22€+3€ of shipment. So I had to grab it this time.
The picture of the team is the only one I saw were you can see the panther on the shirt. It seems that it somehow vanishes when the players start to sweat a bit...
As I have a little panther at home and she was very interested in the new panther coming to my wardrobe she decided to be part of the picture. She posed a bit for me and asked me to make a star of her :D
So I had to put this picture online for her. So:
Representing Gabon: Les pantherés !

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