Samstag, 29. Oktober 2011


The story about the story is amazing. It is probably the sweetest gift I became for my collection. I wrote a mail to the German embassy in Libreville, Gabon, on 6.7.2011. They did not answer for month and so I did not expect an answer anymore. Then I got a mail of them in the middle October which said that they are so for not answering so long and want to know my size for sending me a shirt. Today I became the parcel with a shirt, a Gabon bag and a letter which is pretty sweet. Here is the translation of what it says:

"Dear Mr Tillmann,

the embassy Libreville is happy to finaly send you your requested shirt of the Gabon football national team. Besides the shirt has a badge of the upcoming African Cup of Nations. To make you even happier, we attached a bag with the Gabon flag-colors. We hope that we fulfilled your request by this.

With kind regards from the far Libreville,


So thanks the embassy for the shirt. I am kind of fascinated by there kindness !!! :)


  1. amazing! great people there, and nice collection by the way.

  2. thanks a lot guys :)
    I really appreciate the help of the Gabonese embassy. Nice people, very nice people :)

    @bshaker: Are you collecting, too ? Can I see your collection somewhere ?

  3. Well yes I do collect, I haven't put up a website yet but once I do, I will let you know ;)

  4. Beautiful shirt! I'm also very jealous.