Montag, 8. August 2011

Mauritius 1

This is one of the 2 Mauritius shirts I got. I wrote a mail to the Mauritius FA and got in contact to the secretary of the Mauritius FA on this way. After some mails he invited me to visit him in the Airport Hotel in Frankfurt, where he was during the 2011 women world cup for a symposium about women football. I met him there and he gave me the two shirts, a towel from Mauritius and a post card. Burdhwaz Mundur (thats his name) was a really nice man and I really liked to meet him. By the way he invited me to visit Mauritius with some friends. Of course the shirts and the other stuff where gifts of him.
Unfortunately I think that this shirt is not official, because the brand "Sport Gadget" seems not very reliable :D

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