Dienstag, 29. November 2016

Albania 2

Rudi Vata (Energie Cottbus, Germany)
vs. Azerbaijan (1:0) | Rothmans International Football Tournament 2000 in Malta
I am perfectly happy with this absolute cracker of a shirt. I have to admit that it is a dull design, but to be fair, which Albania design before 2016 wasn't totally dull?
Much more important to me is that this is actually a matchworn shirt of Albania, something extremely special to me. I have been to Albania in 2013 and the Albanian People seriously left their mark in my mind as one of the most welcoming, warm and friendly people I ever met. Nothing is perfect in Tirana, but the city is still my favorite in Europe, as it is has this overwhelming charme that will make you never forget it. A crazy town you just have to see and experience once in your life!
So, being mentally connected to Albania in some way, I always wanted to add a proper, say a matchworn, shirt to my collection and here it is!
But, wait for it, there will be more ;)

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