Freitag, 27. November 2015


Mario Balotelli (AC Milan)
Italy U21 vs. Germany U21 (1:0) | friendly match 2008 in Germany
I was never eager to get an Italy shirt. Not even a little bit. The reason is simple: As a German I just do not like the Italian national team. In my mind are losses against Italy that hurt (most of all the 2006 World Cup semi-final), but which is might worse, there are all those divings, those discussions with the referees and those claiming for cards I remember. There is also all the uninspired "defending a 0:0" football that just makes every match of the Italians a real torture to watch. They are zero entertaining most of the times and I am again and again shocked by their interpretation of "fair play".
However, this is obviously all characterics of Italian football, not Italian people, who I like a lot in fact.
Italy shirts, in addition are mostly pretty boring as well. Plain blue and that's it. This is also true for this one, still I just had to take it.
This shirt was part of a larger package I bought from a very nice gentlemen who used to work for the Romanian FA. I found some of his offers on, which is something like the Romanian ebay, and got in touch with him to negotiate the prices. In the end he offered me to send me all he ever collected during his 9 years working in the UEFA grassroots program for his country. He sent me 2 matchworn youth national shirts of Italy, one Germany training kit, 2 Romanian shirts including shorts and plenty of stuff like keyrings, pins, pennants etc. Overall he sent approximately 200 single items to me!
I am really thankful for this amazing contact and the great things he delivered! While I forwarded most of the pennants, keyrings and pins to a friend, who can really use them better than I can, I kept the shirts of course. This Italy shirt is just part of this box and this is the only way how I could ever fell in love with an Italy shirt!
If you ever read this, my Romanian friend, thank you!

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