Sonntag, 20. September 2015

Northern Ireland 2

David Healy (Leeds United, England)
Northern Ireland vs. England | 2006 World Cup Qualifier
2005 in Northern Ireland
 I got this shirt from a very trusted seller from Argentina, who has some excellent connections to several Argentinian kitsmen. Besides that, he swaps quite a lot of his, for him worthless, South American shirts with collectors all around the world and was able to source this one through that.
I again swapped that with a Belarus shirt, because I have more than enough of those ;)
This one was swapped to me as a matchworn shirt. Unfortunately it turned out that it cannot be matchworn as the match detail print on my shirt says "07.09.2015" while match pictures clearly show that they only printed "07.09.05" on it.
I guess the match detailed where just applied at any time later.
Of course I am a bit disappointed, especially as this, in my eyes, ruins the shirt even as a fan shirt, but that is unfortunately what happens all the time...

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