Sonntag, 20. September 2015

Ellan Vannin 2

Sean Quaye (St Georges AFC)
Ellan Vannin vs. Panjab (8:1) | 2015 Niamh Challenge Cup in Douglas
I'd like to thank the president of the Manx Independent Football Association (MIFA) Malcolm Blackburn that he brought me this matchworn Ellan Vannin shirt to Debrecen, Hungary, when we met at the 2015 European Football Cup (where Ellan Vannin finished 3rd while Padania won the title).
The shirt comes from the Niamh Challenge Cup 2015, a friendly tournament that acted as a qualifier for the 2016 World Football Cup in Abkhazia and that Ellan Vannin hosted and won.
More importantly the whole tournament was a charity event for the benefit of the charity "Niamh's next step".
All the players had the name "Niamh" printed on their shirt and the shirt was especially design in a way that Niamh, a little girl that died from Neuroblastomia, would probably love it.
The pink colour and the rainbow are the trademark design of Niamh's next step, which was founded by Niamh's parents to fund research on Neuroblastomia.

The shirt is definitely matchworn and was the only one that "went out" of the FA as far as I know. So it is quite a unique one. In the picture above you can see the 2009 player of the year from the Isle of Man, Sean Quaye, wearing this shirt in the semi-final of the tournament vs. Panjab, which was beaten 8:1.
Thanks again Malc for an amazing shirt that gives a totally new colour splash to my collection! I love it!

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