Samstag, 28. März 2015


This absolutely cracking shirt from Palau is unfortunately only a draft and will never been worn by the team. But of course you deserve the full story!
ConIFA was looking to get teams from all 6 continental zones to their next World Football Cup in 2016 and thus Chris Heise, a German football enthusiast (and shirt collector!) from Berlin, as the new Oceanian Director. His main aim was to work together with any Oceanian team to get them to the World Cup in 2016. His first try was Palau, who were keen to go the way together for us. As one of the many puzzle steps in financing Chris sorted out a deal for them with AMS including free shirts and apparel for the team and a split on any revenue made by sales. This is the reason this sample was created!
Unfortunately ultimately Palau declined to make the deal with AMS (and to continue to work with ConIFA to come to a 2016 World Football Cup). No real reasons were given, so I cannot say why they declined in the end.
However, the design work of Luke and AMS is again absolutely amazing and I would just hope that Palau ever uses this absolutely awesome shirt!
I also thank Chris Heise for sharing one of the 3 samples he got with me. Thanks mate!

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