Samstag, 26. April 2014


A few you might know and/or remember that I "worked" for the Cascadian Football Association by representing them on a NF-Board meeting in 2013. I went their mainly to hand in their application form to join the NF-Board and do a quick presentation about them. All worked just fine and they were accepted as a member officially!
Now, more than a year later, I am the general secretary of a non-FIFA organization... but not the NF-Boardm, but ConIFA. Cascadia just joined ConIFA officially some weeks ago and I am very happy to work with them together again now!
Some time ago and far before we ever spoke about Cascadia to join ConIFA the new CAFF president Aaron Johnson sent me this brilliant shirt as a little thank for handing in their documents that time. This is really an amazing act of friendship if you take into account that we did not have been in contact for a while and we never met before. Plus I really "just" informed the NF-Board about them and handed in their perfectly done application.
Anyways, I want to double thank the whole CAFF herewith: Thanks for joining the ConIFA family and thanks for sending me this outrageous shirt!

The shirt itself is brilliant as it is again very special. It is done by Looptworks from Peru and, as the whole idea of Cascadia, is focused on being ecological good! I really appreciate to walk this "different path" and I even more love the little "thank you note" that was attached to the shirt!

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