Samstag, 1. Juni 2013


Vadim Hachenko
Kyrgyzstan vs. Macau (2:0) |AFC Challenge Cup 2006 in Bangladesh

Finally I got this shirt ! It was for sale by about 100 Thai sellers on ebay for about 20 Euros just a week before I started collecting. Then it vanished and was impossible to get for a while. Now I finally found a Thai guy selling of those on ebay again ! It just cost me 19,82 € including the shipment, which was very reasonable, too. It is XXXL and feels like XXXXXXXL to me. Thus it is impossible to wear for me. I could build  a tent of it, though ;)
Anyways, I am happy to take another (and cheap) step on my current mission to be the first collector finishing the AFC.
---Spoiler Alarm---
Even an AFC and not-FIFA members shirt is on my way finally ;)

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