Mittwoch, 6. Juni 2012


Finally I got this beauty of a non-FIFA shirt in the extravagant design of the Danish maker Hummel ! It is sold in several German online shops, but I was not that much interested for now, as it is not a FIFA-shirt and thus does not help my collection that much. But suddenly this shirt popped up on ebay as a matchworn shirt. It comes from Austria which makes the shipment amazingly high, due to the crazy Austrian post laws (everything more than a letter is a parcel over there and costs 14 Euro inside EU !).
The seller offered it for 30 Euro plus the 14 Euro of shipment and no one bid on it. So I wrote him after the auction was over and got the shirt for 30 € including shipment in the end, which is a good price.
I am not sure if it is really matchworn and I am not even sure if the team ever wore this design ! If anybody finds a picture of this shirt worn in a match please let me know ! It seems that all those Kharma shirts of Hummels are just made for the fans and have never been worn by any teams...

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  1. Hey, you finally got this beauty.
    Now you can be part of the Zanzibar fan club, altogether with Oscar and me ;-)