Samstag, 3. Dezember 2011


New Caledonia vs. New Zealand | 2011

I got this really rare New-Caledonia shirt of my friend Oscar from Mexico as a swap for a Zanzibar shirt. Just like Enrique all the Mexicans seem to love Zanzibar :P I really like the shirt, not as it is such a beauty, but as it is really really rare. So I am quite happy to call it my own now :)

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  1. Hi pal.
    Actually we do have a Zanzibar fan club here in Mexico with a total of two members, would you like to join us? haha.
    For me, Zanzibar, along with Sierra Leone, are must-have pieces. They were made thinking out of the box, with so eccentric designs.
    Nice collection, growing and growing so fast!
    Cheers =)